Our portfolio includes consulting work, joint ventures, and companies we own and operate.

We partner with investors and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems with technology. We incubate products in problem fields where we have unique insight.

Our relationships with our partners are discreet-by-design. We take pride in putting our partners’ businesses first and operating in the background. With proper confidentiality protection in place, we can share more detail.

Confidential cancer research organization

Collaboration across a distributed network of cancer immunotherapy research institutions and Nobel Prize winning scientists

Confidential nonprofit organization

Mobilizing thousands of lawyers across the United States to promote a more equitable and just society

Confidential consumer streaming company

Establishing a new film distribution window to meet the evolving needs of consumers, studios, theaters, and filmmakers

Confidential retail chain

Automating reverse-logistics retail inventory classification using computer vision and machine learning

Confidential communications company

Software development collaboration across remote, multilingual teams

Confidential fintech company

Managing the lifecycle of private investments

Confidential portfolio company

Accelerating employee learning and professional development in remote teams

...and more