Product Manager

San Francisco

Able is a team of digital product builders (designers, software engineers, and marketers) that own, operate, and invest in a portfolio of technology companies. We work in many fields, from entertainment to crowdfunding to cancer research, and collaborate with influential leaders at the intersection of technology, media and politics.

By adopting a portfolio approach, we operate with the efficiency of an early stage startup, the wisdom of a seasoned investor, and the infrastructure of a mature business. Our successes are shared as equity and revenue; our failures are distributed as knowledge and learning.

We're seeking a Product Manager to help grow our portfolio.

As a Product Manager, you'll work with our Product Designers and Product Engineers to launch software products. For each product, you'll embed deeply with our partners, learn about their needs, work with them to define the problem, and work with our team to define the solution. Succeed or fail, you'll have improved the team and process with your learnings, and emerge stronger for the next one.


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Your First Project

Your first project will be building collaborative software for a newly-established cancer research institute. This institute is creating a new model for funding and sharing research, and providing its network with unprecedented resources, both financial and technical. A V1 for this software has been built, but we’re looking to you to embed yourself with the customer to better understand their context and needs, and evangelize what has been to date, and what will be built.