About Us

Able owns, operates, and invests in a portfolio of technology companies. We make our investments primarily through the development of software products.

We are structured to rapidly address new markets and opportunities. Technology is reshaping the world, and we believe our capabilities lend substantial advantage in the creation of transformational products to lead that disruption.

Our team is comprised of entrepreneurs, CTOs, product designers, software engineers, growth hackers, business development executives, and business analysts. Together, we have decades of experience building technology companies and delivering products to market.

We are self-funded, which allows us to maintain freedom and control over what we work on, and how we work.

The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in San Francisco and Lima, Peru.


Over 90% of technology startups fail.

Along the way, the people who build product are asked to invest significant time, often years of their lives, into a bet on those startups’ success. Most often, these bets aren’t working out.

We think there’s a better way.

We are builders who have come to appreciate the economic upside of investors — we’d rather own 10% of ten companies than 100% of one.

A portfolio approach helps us focus on the companies that need us the most, and diversifies us from the failure of a single idea or market. When we do fail, we cultivate the failure into knowledge and improvement.

When one of our projects finds traction in the market, we spin it out into a business, and add that business to our portfolio. Since we all have ownership in our portfolio, everyone is motivated to help one another, whether they happen to be working directly on the project or not.

Our mission is to create the best place to build a portfolio of products.


We are a group of entrepreneurs and builders with years of product development experience. We’ve founded companies, we’ve led product, we were early employees at venture-backed startups.

We operate each project with the efficiency of an early stage startup but, with enhanced capability from our broader environment. A designer and engineer pair and collaborate as needed with specialists and partners to acquire domain expertise, operational capacity and product distribution. The combined effort looks like a startup with cheat codes.

It’s our experience that has driven us toward this vision of “the complete team.” — a team capable of identifying opportunities and markets, developing technology solutions, iterating to product-market-fit, and delivering those products at-scale in the market.


We partner with investors and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems with technology. Independently, we invest in the development of products in problem fields where we have unique insight.

Products in our portfolio solve problems across a variety of industries, including: