Finance & HR Manager


Able is a team of digital product builders (designers, software engineers, and marketers) that own, operate, and invest in a portfolio of technology companies. We work in many fields, from entertainment to crowdfunding to cancer research, and collaborate with influential leaders at the intersection of technology, media and politics.

By adopting a portfolio approach, we operate with the efficiency of an early stage startup, the wisdom of a seasoned investor, and the infrastructure of a mature business. Our successes are shared as equity and revenue; our failures are distributed as knowledge and learning.

We’re seeking a Finance & HR Manager to join our Business Operations team in Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Finance and HR are required and critical functions at any company. At Able, we think finance and HR can go beyond business basics and add our to competitive advantage when focused on strategic planning for the company, creating an environment that attracts the best talent, and building an employee experience that retains our team.

The Finance & HR Manager is responsible for the day-to-day functioning and future planning of Able’s finances and management of personnel matters. This person works to ensure Able is capable of financially managing our growing business and effectively allocating our resources. The Finance & HR Manager will work closely with other Business Operations team members in our Lima, New York, and San Francisco offices to build and scale our business.



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Our salaries are competitive, and we offer healthcare benefits along with a generous vacation policy.