Director of Business Operations

New York / San Francisco

Able is a team of digital product builders (designers, software engineers, and marketers) that own, operate, and invest in a portfolio of technology companies. We work in many fields, from entertainment to crowdfunding to cancer research, and collaborate with influential leaders at the intersection of technology, media and politics.

By adopting a portfolio approach, we operate with the efficiency of an early stage startup, the wisdom of a seasoned investor, and the infrastructure of a mature business. Our successes are shared as equity and revenue; our failures are distributed as knowledge and learning.

We’re seeking a Director of Business Operations to lead our global operations team. The position is open to candidates located in or willing to move to New York City or San Francisco.


The Director of Business Operations will be responsible for the proper function of finance, legal, risk management, human resources, administrative and all business operations functions at Able. They will manage a growing operations team distributed between Able’s three offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Lima.


Human Resources

Legal, Administrative & Other Operations Functions


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